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With mouseinfobox plugin for jQuery, you can easily create tooltips on your websites, and customize it.


Available options :
name default value // description

offsetX 20 // x position relative to the mouse
offsetY 20 // y position relative to the mouse
useMouse true // true to follow the mouse, false to stay static (placed relative to the element)
content '' // content of the tooltip, if empty the plugin take the title attribute content
boxClass '' // to put a specific class attribute to the tooltip
animation [] // animate the tooltip (see examples below), available : opacity, top, bottom, left, right
animDuration 200 // duration of the animation (in ms)
ajaxURL '' // if you want to load content with ajax, put your URL
ajaxType 'POST' // type of the ajax data (POST or GET)
ajaxData '' // ajax data (string or object)
ajaxReload false // if true, ajax request will be send each time the tooltip is opened
ajaxLoadContent 'Loading ...' // text to display when ajax request is loading
bottomPos false // y position is set relative to the bottom of the tooltip
rightPos false // x position is set relative to the right of the tooltip


Basic, using attribute title
content option
Don't use mouse position
bottomPos property
Ajax content
Ajax content Reloading
Ajax with data